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(May 23, 2007) The University of California, Berkeley - Winners of the Ninth Annual Berkeley Prize Essay Competition are announced today by Professor Raymond Lifchez, Chair of the Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence.   

Erica Moore and
Sara Navrday
Matthew ClarkeTalha KhwajaBudoor BukhariTalha KhwajaBudoor Bukhari

"Sara Navrady is completing her final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Cambridge, Canada.  After graduation she plans on furthering her practical experience in architecture and urban planning while investigating possibilities for her graduate studies.  She is interested in exploring the relationships between urban conditions and social integration, and strategies for adapting to urban densification.  She hopes to expand her experiences in social architecture, which include Habitat for Humanity and competition work, and volunteer abroad in the near future.  She aspires to find a balance between contemporary and social architecture in her professional career."

"Erica Moore is currently in her final year of the architecture program at the University of Waterloo in Cambridge, Canada. Because this is a co-op program she was recently able to spend over ten months volunteering for an architecture/engineering NGO in Kampala, Uganda. She has been strongly influenced by her time spent in East Africa, working on the designs for schools in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and a trauma healing centre in Burundi. The local people have deeply affected Erica, especially in Kampala, with their incredible stories of hopes and struggles and the way they live their lives. She spent much of her free time with a small group of Kampala street kids and loved traveling to visit the village communities of friends from the city, many of which have been tragically affected by the war in Northern Uganda. East Africa has found a place in her heart, her thesis interests, and hopefully the near future!"

Second Prize ($2,000 USD):
Matthew Clarke
, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA  icon-pg-sm-ltblu.gifread essay

"This May I graduate from the University of Kentucky as a Gaines Fellow in the Humanities and a student of Architecture in the College of Design.  My senior thesis was an intensive report on the history and memory of one of America's first public housing projects.  Through research, design and community activism, I hope to continue to study architecture as a tool to create more equitable societies.  After studying architecture and urbanism in Rotterdam this summer, I will be working for Mecanoo Architecten in Delft, Holland.  Focused specifically on housing, I hope to learn from the firm's ability to tie research and civic engagement with architectural design.  After graduate school, I expect to return to Lexington, KY and facilitate the growth of a diverse, exciting, and successful downtown."

Third Prize ($1200 USD):
Talha Khwaja, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, U.S.A   icon-pg-sm-ltblu.gifread essay

"I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I recently graduated from Oklahoma State University School of Architecture and will be joining a firm in Chicago soon. I am extremely interested in the unique set of issues that cities like Karachi in the developing world are struggling to deal with in the face of an unprecedented clash of cultural idealogies. I'm also interested in the development of built space as an expression of the human spirit, and its value as an artifact."

Fourth Prize ($800 USD):
Budoor Bukhari, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates  icon-pg-sm-ltblu.gifread essay

"I am a Sudanese proudly pursuing my architectural education at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in the United Arab Emirates. Prior to joining AUS, I had the privilege of studying architecture for three years at the University of Juba in Sudan. Although I was obliged to discontinue my studies there, the exposure to the difficulties associated with being a student of architecture in my native Sudan was far from unrewarding. It provided me with the chance of experiencing first hand the challenges developing countries have to confront within their built environments, and was instrumental in shaping my academic interests and pursuits. It allowed me to consciously pose the often asked but seldom answered question: what should the role of the Architect be in the Developing World? I passionately carried this and other questions to AUS, where I was inspired to conduct extra-curricular research towards my final thesis project. As part of the endeavor, I managed to make a trip with an NGO group this January to visit the marginalized communities living in and around the Dinder National Park in South Eastern Sudan. Removed from the comforts of everyday life, I encountered the problems the communities are facing, and began to formulate ideas of potential design solutions. The project is envisioned as an initial effort towards developing architecture that is socially responsible."

First Prize Team ($3500 USD):
Sara Navrady and Erica Moore, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  icon-pg-sm-ltblu.gifread essay

Prizes for the 2007 Essay Competition are awarded to:

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